Excerpt from Chapter 13 of “The Wild Vitality of the Earth”

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Transcript from a conference given by Dr. Lewis Pellas on Evolutionary Neuroscience and Quantum Biology

January 2nd, 2051 A.D. 6 P.M.

Begin Transcript

 “Let’s begin with how the globular shape of the braincase distinguishes modern humans from Neanderthals. The outer shape of the brain closely mirrors the endocranium. When we see these differences, it may reflect altered neural architecture and how we evolved from Neanderthals. However, we do not have fossil brain tissue just yet, therefore, the underlying neuroanatomical changes, as well as their genetic bases, remain elusive. It is well known, from previous studies during the 20s’, that specific interbreeding between modern humans and Neandertals had resulted in what is known as pieces of Neandertal DNA into the genomes of present-day non-Africans.

“When those were analyzed from MRI scans more than thirty years ago, shape analyses of fossil skull endocasts derived a measure of endocranial globularity of thousands of modern humans. Researchers found that Neandertal alleles on chromosomes 1 and 18 were associated with reduced endocranial globularity. Those alleles influenced expression of two nearby genes, UBR4 and PHLPP1, which are involved in neurogenesis and myelination. Those findings showed how the possibility of the integration of fossil skull data with long forgotten, archaic genomics, along with neuroimaging, steadfastly and irrefutability suggested the developmental apparatuses that contributed to the unique modern human endocranial shape.”

“However, I’d like to take this research a step further, and point out how Paul Maclean’s hypothesis of the triune brain, though a gross oversimplification of how our brains are wired, is still a functional model we should never abandon. It is known that the core of the R-complex controls not only aggressive behavior, social hierarchies, and bureaucratic behavior, but also our tendency to believe in God through ritualistic comportments. The hyperactivity of the R-complex could even suggest a failure of a neocortical site whose function is to repress or override the Reptilian complex.

“Let us move forward to consciousness, which has been shown to exist through the evolved sentience in humanoids. Quantum biology is in accord with the not only the framework of science from thirty years ago but has now been irrefutably proven. Though there may be no mathematical equations to explain consciousness, the very fact that consciousness appears through the sentience of humanoids—robots who think and act like us—then consciousness evolved from what is known as a common conscious ancestor, which I will refer to as a CCA. The CCA was shown, more than twenty years ago, to be a primitive reptile called an amniote, which lived more than three hundred million years ago. Quantum mechanics applied to evolutionary neuroscience and biology is the only way to determine just what and where our minds and consciousness arose from.

“Putting together the puzzle of the subconscious in a humanoid is never easy, but it can be done, and will be done, because we can. I don’t deal in empty rhetoric; I don’t stand up here in an attempt at vain deliverance of an unreachable ideal. This is war, gentlemen. The quantum world is a puzzle that may one day signal the coming of a new epoch. I present to you: ‘The Autonomous Lightness of Being,’ the first humanoid with a quantum computer acting as her brain. Her name is Sanibel, and she will be the first in a long line of models that will signal the epoch of the Singularity. From all the aforementioned findings, the advent of sentient robotics through the application of quantum biology as identified within neuroscience will allow for the construction of bottom up, multifunctional synthetic cells. Let us progress forward into the future. Godspeed.

End Transcript

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